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Appliance: Dryers

There are many different dryers to choose from including stackable front load dryers, front loading "rear console" dryers, HE (high efficiency) electric dryers, gas dryers, 27" wide dryers, space saving dryers, extra large and super capacity dryers, dryers with sound insulation, ground floor or second floor installations, and smart technology dryers with multi programmable controls.

Color selection is often in white. However, other colors such as granite, red, silver sands, or with chrome accents, may also be available. Please inquire as selections can vary.

You are welcome to call ahead .. before visiting the store and ask if we have the color you are seeking. We can be reached at: (519) 749-9992.  Visit our [ location ] page for store hours.

Appliance images are for illustrative purposes only.


Important Note:  Because this is a "Scratch and Dent" store, availability of certain product types depends greatly on the product supplied to us by the Manufacturer. Therefore, not all appliances illustrated may be available at the time of your visit. If you wish to verify that we have what you're looking for, please call ahead.

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